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Corporate Overview

Excalibur Associates was born from the collective experience of our principals who have managed complex safety, security and emergency management projects in the most dynamic and challenging environments. Established in 1996 as a minority-owned, privately held corporation to provide emergency preparedness and security services to the Department of Energy's Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Excalibur has improved and expanded its core capabilities to provide essential safety and security services to the public and private sector.

Our ability to help each client safeguard against risks, comes from our experience, wisdom and mix of analytical, technical and management skills. We cut to the core of issues and provide only what is essential to help organizations evaluate, develop and effectively manage their safety, security and emergency preparedness programs.

Essential Security ManagementSM is the domain of Excalibur Associates. It is an intellect and methodology that uncovers risks and applies proven planning, preparedness and response expertise to help organizations prevent, or respond to and mitigate the consequences of workplace and catastrophic accidents, acts of terrorism or natural phenomena.

Essential Security ManagementSM is fundamental to your bottom line — insurance that people and the environment will be safe from harm unleashed by your organization through oversight, the forces of nature or malice. It is assurance that your productivity, profits and public image will not suffer if disaster occurs. On the most elemental level, it is security that your organization is compliant with regulatory standards.

Excalibur Associates is a privately held veteran-owned corporation, providing comprehensive consulting and technical support services. Excalibur's services are available under GSA Schedule (MOBIS), Contract GS-10F-0349K and GSA Schedule 84 Law Enforcement and Security, Contract GS-07F-0227W.

Our Vision

Be the recognized leader in providing Essential Security ManagementSM services.

Our Mission

Profitably provide high quality, customer-focused safety, security and emergency management technical support services to public and private sector clients.

We will achieve our mission through teamwork, continuous improvement, and cost-effective, innovative approaches.

Core Values width=

Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability. We will faithfully execute the duties and responsibilities entrusted to us and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.

Respect: for Our Partners and One Another. We will highly value the relationships we build with our customers, partners, stakeholders, and each other.

Innovation. We will identify and explore uncharted opportunities to enhance Excalibur's position as a growth-oriented company and to provide stockholders' value through stock appreciation.

Diversity. We will provide challenging and rewarding career opportunities for all talented, dedicated and resourceful people.

Community. We will actively participate in making the communities in which our employees reside a better place to live --- to give something back to veterans and families in need.