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Our Essential Health & Safety management Capabilities

Hazard Analysis
Excalibur provides health hazard analysis, risk ranking, process hazard analysis, operation and process reviews, health and safety compliance evaluations and integrated safety management reviews.

Plans & Procedures
Excalibur helps you develop written compliance programs, health & safety plans and procedures for hazard communication, respiratory protection, hearing conservation, confined space entry and emergency preparedness and response.

Excalibur provides consultancy and program support services relating to medical surveillance, public health emergency planning and response, food security, bioterrorism, and agro-terrorism. We provide subject matter and technical expertise to assist you with decision support, concept of operations development, analysis, training and exercises.

Industrial Hygiene
Excalibur supports organizations in anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling work site health hazards. Our certified industrial hygienists provide expertise for a wide variety of safety and health concerns, including chemical hazards, physical agents and biological agents.

Fire Protection
Excalibur provides comprehensive fire protection programs in all areas of fire protection engineering, training, prevention and investigation.

Health Physics
Excalibur's radiological safety experts plan and implement solutions to protect your workers and the environment from radiological hazards. Our services include project management, radiological assessment and evaluation, training, radiological characterization and remedial action.

Occurrence Reporting & Investigation
Excalibur develops, implements and maintains occurrence-reporting systems that provide essential feedback on your performance in protecting the safety and health of employees, the public and the environment. Using a graded approach based on the risks involved, certified accident investigators analyze each occurrence and its causes, and then devise corrective actions necessary to prevent recurrence.