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Threat Assessment
Excalibur provides threat assessment support to help your organization prepare for effective, consistent, and timely response to a wide range of threats and acts involving nuclear, chemical, and biological materials. We interact with federal and other agencies to ensure threat assessments are current and viable.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
Excalibur conducts a systematic evaluation of your security posture utilizing the appropriate regulations/directives and qualitative techniques to detect vulnerabilities and to identify the effectiveness level adequate to protect your resources.

Industrial Security
Excalibur has the expertise to support and enhance administrative security programs including Technology Protection (Export Control), Personnel Security, Information Systems (IS) Security, Security Education and Awareness, Communications Security (COMSEC), Document Control and visitor/access control in accordance with National Industrial Security Program (NISPOM) and Director of Central Intelligence (DCID) requirements.

Physical Protection Systems (PPS)
The design of an effective PPS requires a methodical, graded approach weighting the objective of the PPS against available resources. Excalibur utilizes the Sandia Laboratory designed analytical approach to PPS that is currently used for the protection of nuclear components. It allows for consistent, defensible results, documenting the most appropriate degree of security based upon threat and the consequences of the loss.

Armed / Unarmed Guards
Excalibur’s highly trained Security Officers provide access control, deter, detect and mitigate criminal acts and provide for the safety and well being of your employees and visitors. We provide continuous assessment to identify security vulnerabilities and recommend corrective actions.

Program Development
Excalibur develops and maintains security response plans and procedures, coordinates support and inter-agency agreements and ensures programs meet the requirements/directives of higher headquarters or program managers.