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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA Protective Services for Marshall Space Flight Center and Michoud Assembly Facility

Since its beginning in 1960, the Marshall Space Flight Center has provided the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) with mission-critical design, development and integration of the launch and space systems required for space operations, exploration, and scientific missions. The Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans also provides vital support to NASA's exploration mission to return humans to the moon and establish a presence on the lunar surface, and send the first crewed expeditions to Mars and destinations beyond.

Excalibur is responsible for the protection of personnel, physical assets, and information including: physical security operations, personnel security, technology protection, emergency operations, and training at both locations. Our centralized planning and standardized systems management methodology lays the groundwork for the Centralized Command/ Decentralized Performance concept of operations we employ to support daily operations and surge activities. We use a fully integrated information management database, WinTeamTM, for efficient scheduling, accounting, compliance, and human resource functions. And we use a collaborative contract monitoring tool, SeeSORTM, to assist in attaining higher quality performance with full transparency for our client. The quality of our support to the NASA mission is evident in the recent selection of our Joint Public Safety Communication Center (JPSCC) manager for a prestigious NASA medal that is awarded to a non-government individual for “a significant specific achievement or substantial improvement in operations, efficiency, service, financial savings, science or technology which contributes to the mission of NASA”. Our entire Dispatch Center Team was awarded the NASA Group Achievement Honor Award by the Center director for outstanding teamwork in providing integrated dispatch services of emergency response personnel for both Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA Headquarters Protective Services

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) is the recognized, preeminent global leader when it comes to space exploration. While this recognition and exceptional ability is reflective of NASA’s scientific and engineering community, it is also noticed by our adversaries. Fortunately, the U.S. government and NASA have protective measures in place to help safeguard its resources and information.

Excalibur helps NASA face the challenge of conducting the vital mission of space exploration while protecting current/emerging technologies. We perform Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism (CI/CT) Program related administrative and technical security services in support. Our Security Specialists provide meeting support; track cases; prepare reports; assist with policy formulation for regulatory and guidance documents; and coordinate program matters with NASA and other Federal Agency officials.

Excalibur’s Security Specialists also perform administrative and technical security support services to assist the Headquarters Central Adjudication Facility perform National Security Adjudication Services and associated activities. We are extensively involved with the processing and administrative management of background investigations requests, reports, and records. Our Security Specialists routinely handle personal information that is subject to strict Privacy Act and other legal confidentiality restrictions. They analyze security concerns against adjudicative standards, applying adjudicative guidelines and ensuring that the recommendation to grant or deny access is made based on the best interest of National Security.

Department of Defense

Department of Navy (DON) Declassification Office
DON Declassification Project

Many authorities and policies limit access to information held by the federal government. Recent high-profile incidents involving the release of classified government information remind us this national security imperative is more important than ever.

Executive Order 13526 requires that all classified records that are more than 25 years old and have permanent historical value must be automatically declassified whether or not the records have been reviewed. A significant provision of Executive Order 13526 was the creation of the National Declassification Center to focus on ensuring that information should be declassified systematically by the originating agency as soon as practicable to improve transparency and open-access to the Federal Government and the information it produces.

Excalibur supports the Department of Navy declassification efforts with trained declassification reviewers at various locations throughout the National Capital Regional. Our reviewers inspect, analyze and evaluate and render a declassification decision on assigned DON documents. In the quality assurance phase, our Quality Control Analysts check all information to ensure that it is accurately recorded and in compliance with established departmental standards.

Excalibur’s ongoing support of classified information policy is focused on decreasing the probability of persons or foreign nations accessing government-held information without authorization and using it to harm the national security of the United States.

U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Health, Safety & Security
Office of Classification Specialized Technical Services

Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information directs agency heads to complete a comprehensive review of agency classification guides to ensure they reflect current circumstances and to identify classified information that no longer requires protection and can be declassified.

The Office of Classification within the Office of Health, Safety and Security ensures the accurate identification of information and documents that must be classified or controlled to protect the National Security. They rely on a hierarchy of classification guides and authorities to promulgate classification policy and ensure consistent and accurate classification determinations throughout the Department.

We directly support DOE’s centralized, digitized approach to authoring, approval, publication, and distribution of classification guidance. We develop and coordinate technically accurate classification guidance, and provide technical advice and support to government agencies and other organizations related to nuclear weapons and nuclear technology.

Our Derivative Classifiers determine if information in documents is classified and marks the document or directs the document to be marked in accordance with classification guidance. Excalibur Derivative Declassifiers determine whether a currently classified document or material can be declassified or downgraded in classification level using additional knowledge and skills to redact, downgrade, or declassify a classified document. Our Derivative Declassifiers are also conducting systematic reviews of historical record collections for possible declassification and are identifying information exempt from automatic declassification at 25 and 50 years.

Excalibur’s actions contribute to safeguarding nuclear technology, materials and facilities while helping the Department meet statute and Executive Order requirements support to improve transparency and open-access to the Federal Government and the information it produces.

National Nuclear Security Administration

Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group
Support of the United States/United Kingdom Mutual Defense Agreement

One of NNSA’s core missions is leveraging its unmatched expertise in nuclear security to provide the nation the capability to respond to any nuclear or radiological incident in the U.S. or abroad.

We provide direct support to the Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group by reviewing and analyzing technical/scientific and programmatic activities associated with the 1958 Mutual Defense Agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom (US/UK), making recommendations on the activities, supporting the Federal program manager during negotiation and subsequent execution of topic/weapon system specific agreements, and reviewing and making recommendations regarding the transmission of Restricted Data/Formerly Restricted Data in accordance with the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended.

Through these ongoing efforts, Excalibur is contributing to the development, implementation and coordination of programs and systems designed to serve as a last line of defense in the event of a nuclear terrorist incident or other types of radiological accident.

Department of Homeland Security

Transportation Security Administration
Screening Partnership Program

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) estimates approximately 1.8 million passengers pass through our nation's airports every day. This number of people presents potential targets for terrorism. Securing commercial aviation is a daunting task – with hundreds of airports, thousands of aircraft, and thousands of flights daily carrying millions of passengers and pieces of checked baggage.

Excalibur has partnered with Covenant Aviation Security since 2002 to provide the highest level of security and customer service to all who pass through passenger and baggage screening checkpoints at the San Francisco International Airport. We provide quality assurance program development and consultation services to include challenging passenger screening through covert (undercover, unannounced) tests that were designed to reveal system vulnerabilities and improve procedures to mitigate those vulnerabilities. Excalibur is also responsible for assessing the security posture of the IT systems that are used to maintain the Screening Partnership Program at the airport and to develop plans to ensure that the systems are compliant with specified DHS and TSA requirements.

The goal of aviation security is to prevent harm to aircraft, passengers, and crew, as well as support national security and counter-terrorism policy. Excalibur is working with TSA and Covenant Aviation Security to strengthen airline passenger and checked baggage screening and the challenges that remain at the San Francisco International Airport.

Department of Energy

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Management Office
Technical and Analytical Support Services

With a capacity of 727-million-barrels, the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is the largest stockpile of government-owned emergency crude oil in the world. Established in the aftermath of the 1973-74 oil embargo, it provides the President with a powerful response option should a disruption in commercial oil supplies threaten the U.S. economy. It is also critical asset for the United States to meet its International Energy Agency obligation to maintain emergency oil stocks, and it provides a national defense fuel reserve.

Excalibur’s technical support to the DOE Project Management Office and their maintenance and operating (M&O) contractor focuses on ensuring the maintenance of a high level of readiness for a national security related draw down, and for the protection of workers, the public, and the environment in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Our services have included individual Strategic Petroleum Reserve operating site surveys, assessment of emergency management and Continuity of Operations (COOP) program documentation, engineered drawings, performance records, operational requirements, historical hazard data, utility and service infrastructure, and program compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines.

Transportation Security Administration

Freight Rail Security Division
Strategic Management Support Services

The nation’s freight railroad network is a vital part of the national economy, playing a key role in the global supply chain for both raw and finished goods. Disruptions to the national rail network could have an adverse impact on the national economy as a whole. Inherent vulnerabilities and the successes in attacks against heavy and passenger rail system overseas make freight rail a potential target for a terrorist attack.

The TSA Freight Rail Security Division was tasked in Public Law 110-53 with completing a nationwide risk assessment of a terrorist attack on railroad carriers, developing a national strategy for railroad transportation, and for developing regulations to enhance the freight rail transportation system. In order to meet these requirements, the Freight Rail Security Division contracted with Excalibur to provide project management, strategic planning, regulatory writing, and technical writing. Our project management, strategy development, technical support, and program support included researching and analyzing existing regulations, standards, strategies, assessments, and plans to help the Freight Rail Security Division finish conducting a national railroad risk assessment, identifying critical infrastructure, and communicating findings for prioritization and mitigation of vulnerabilities within the transportation network. These efforts are directly contributing to the secure movement of all cargo on our nation’s freight rail systems and maintaining a secure, resilient, and sustainable network.