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Understanding the essentials
Established in 1996, Excalibur Associates is a privately held veteran-owned corporation. Originally formed to provide emergency preparedness and security services to the Department of Energy’s Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Excalibur’s reputation for effectiveness quickly grew. 

In 1999, Excalibur began providing emergency management and threat assessment services to the Department of Energy Headquarters throughout the nationwide nuclear weapons complex. In 2000, Excalibur was selected to provide fire protection engineering, industrial hygiene and radiological safety services to the Department of Energy community. In 2003, Excalibur began providing Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) technical support services to the Environmental Protection Agency, National Security Emergency Preparedness Program and other federal agencies.

Since that time, Excalibur has constantly improved and expanded its capabilities. Today, Excalibur and its wholly-owned subsidiary Excalibur Security Services, LLC are engaged in providing safety, security and emergency management consulting and technical support services to state, local and federal government clients.

Excalibur’s growing capabilities are essentially client driven and client focused.